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November 21st, on a Sunny Saturday morning, seven Unimed employee representatives visited Mr.Gu in Huizhou Hospital. Mr. Gu, a former staff of Unimed warehouse department, is undergoing rehabilitation treatment. This year is the sixth year in Unimed to undergo this social project activity for Mr. Gu.

Mr. Gu joined Unimed warehousing department in 1997. He was a beloved employee who was respected in his job and loved his work and had been well praised by the company and colleagues. Unfortunately, He was diagnosed with "brainstem hemorrhage/skull base cavernous hemangioma" in 2007 and was transferred to major hospitals for treatment in the following years. While the condition was getting worse, he had to undergo craniotomy in the Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University, in Guangzhou in 2014. The trauma of the brain damage once caused him to lose consciousness. Finally, Mr. Gu had to give up his job and receive long-term rehabilitation treatment.

This time, the representatives brought the cordial greetings and best wishes from the company and colleagues to Mr.Gu. They shared with him the photos of recent company outings and team sports activities, encouraging him to strengthen his body through physical exercises and rehabilitation treatments to overcome the illness and loss the help from the wheelchair sooner. Now Mr.Gu can identify and recognize his former colleagues and remember some of his previous working activities in Unimed. Life is limited, but it is priceless. Unimed employees will always give him the best blessing!

Shenzhen Unimed Medical Products Co., Ltd., as an international high-tech enterprise focusing on the manufacture and sales of patient monitoring supplies, "Connecting Life Signals, Care People's Health" is the Unimed mission. Caring for the safety and health of employees is always the key responsibilities of Unimed. Unimed continues to leave a positive footprint in each social project activities and community engagement. Unimed will continue to focus on customer’s needs and continue to innovate and develop while working with employees, shareholders and clients to create a brilliant future!

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