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The COVID-19 broke out at the end of 2019. It got spread over the world soon, which reminds us of the fragility facing unknown diseases. We have seen countries around the world urgently mobilize medical resources to fight against it and striving to save lives. Unimed is very proud that our high-quality patient monitoring cables and accessories had been delivered to hospitals all over the world in time to save thousands of lives suffered from COVID-19. Here is a true story that happened to one of Unimed's customers in South Africa.

Time back to the day in Mid-August 2020, we received an email from a South African customer. It mentioned in the mail that their boss was in severe disease, was rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment with a ventilator. At the same time, we were informed of the new docking person, which means that the owner of the company may not be able to work for a short time. We feel so heavy when we got the email, and according to what said in the email, we suspected that our customer infected the COVID-19 as we know it spread over the world. We replied to the email to express our condolences and wish him to get recovery soon. Time flies, we have no news from our customers. We can do nothing but pray to him. On Sep 7th afternoon, we got a new email from the customer personally, in which he told us he suffers from COVID-19 and had a difficult time in the hospital because there are specific medicines. In the hospital, the doctors tried every treatment and finally rescued him from death. He recovered and backed home.

He wrote to the Unimed team. One hand is to express his thanks for our concern. On the other hand, he wants to share with us the excellent performance of Unimed products when he was at home and in hospital. He used the Unimed SpO2 Pulse Oximeter for Pulse measurement at home to judge the severity of his symptoms. When the oxygen level dropped down to 83% on the Pulse Oximeter, he went to the hospital. In the hospital, he also used it for measurement. The SpO2 Pulse Oximeter worked the best. The doctors and staff in the hospital all have praise on it. In ICU, he used the GE compatible SpO2 sensor. It did without any fault when he in hospital. To help the hospital have better monitoring for the patients, he even donated ten units of Unimed Pulse Oxymeters to them.

Excerpts from the email:

We were so happy when we got the email because our customer has recovered. We are so proud when we read what he said about our products. It is our goal to make top-quality compatible patient monitor accessories for our customers worldwide. Once we heard from him, we realized that we do it. In the battle on COVID-19, in hospital, our products are helping the doctors to fight against death. It is an honor for us that when we hear the words -- thank you so much that your products help us a lot.

It is just one of the praised feedbacks from our customers. We are sure that around the world, there must have the same thing happen every day. Unimed supply products and services to our valuable customers with the mission of transmit life signals and care people’s health. Care People's Health, Unimed Always with You.

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Unimed Medical Supplies a leading medical supplies manufacturer specializing in patient monitoring supplies and accessories. For more than 20 years, Unimed has adhered to the customer-oriented service concept and dedicated ourselves to provide a one-stop solution at a full range, quality-reliable, and multi-compatible products to our customers, including ECG cable/Lead wires, SpO2 Sensor, Temp. Probe, NIBP Cuff, Fetal Probe, etc... Our mission is -- Connecting Life Signals, Care for People's Health. Everyone from Unimed always keeps in mind during the work to promise to provide top-quality products to our customers over the world to help them have better monitoring for the body signals.

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Unimed Medical have adhered to the customer-oriented service concept and dedicated ourselves to provide a one-stop shop solution at a full range, quality reliable and multi-compatible products to the customers.

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