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Welcome to the world of UNIMED, where we take immense pride in providing comprehensive integrated solutions as a leading medical consumables supplier. With a focus on innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction, Unimed has emerged as a trusted partner in the healthcare industry. In this article, we will delve deeper into Unimed's fast-response and flexible production system, from ordering to after-sales service, making us the preferred choice for medical consumables suppliers.


Unimed's Streamlined Order Management System

At Unimed, we understand the importance of seamless order processing. Our 1min digital order management system ensures the utmost accuracy and security. With an efficient traceability process, you can trust that your orders are in safe hands. We prioritize customer needs, and our advanced order management system enables us to fulfill requirements promptly, allowing healthcare professionals to focus on providing exceptional patient care.


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Unimed's commitment to efficiency is reflected in our 14-day production scheduling. Leveraging a computerized management system, we accurately transfer order requirements to each stage of production. This meticulous approach ensures optimal resource utilization and adherence to delivery timelines. With Unimed, you can rely on timely and high-quality medical consumables, empowering you to meet the demands of your healthcare practice with confidence.


Global Distribution for Timely Deliveries

Unimed's commitment to serving healthcare professionals extends globally. Through long-term partnerships with well-known suppliers, we ensure safe, accurate, and timely deliveries across borders. Our global distribution network is designed to reach healthcare facilities in various regions efficiently. Whether you are a local clinic or a large medical institution, Unimed caters to your medical consumables needs, facilitating uninterrupted healthcare services.Responsive After-Sales SupportUnimed values the trust you place in our products and services. Our after-sales support is designed to provide prompt and effective solutions to any queries or concerns. With a complete after-sales process and a perfect feedback mechanism, Unimed ensures a response within 24 hours. Our dedicated support team is always ready to assist you, enhancing your experience with Unimed as your preferred medical consumables supplier.



In the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, Unimed stands as your reliable and innovative medical consumables supplier. Our integrated solutions, backed by a fast-response and flexible production system, ensure that you receive exceptional products and services. As you prioritize patient care, trust Unimed to deliver the highest quality medical consumables, tailored to your specific needs. Choose Unimed as your trusted partner and experience the difference of our comprehensive strengths and customer-centric approach in advancing healthcare together.


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Unimed Medical have adhered to the customer-oriented service concept and dedicated ourselves to provide a one-stop shop solution at a full range, quality reliable and multi-compatible products to the customers.

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