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Because there are so many different patient monitor accessories available, you need clarification about which ones are necessary for your hospital. For example, Unimed Medical carries various products, such as stands and clamps, for you to look over and select. Please continue reading to find out more information about our choices!

An Introduction to Unimed Medical

Unimed Medical's patient monitors are among the most cutting-edge available, and the accessories offered were developed specifically to work in tandem with them. In addition, we provide a selection of accessories, such as solutions for cable management, mounting brackets, power supply, and more.

Types of patient monitoring systems.

1. External Pulse Oximeter: This accessory can be attached to the patient's finger or earlobe and delivers real-time measurements of the oxygen saturation levels in the blood. It measures oxygen saturation levels in the blood. Because low oxygen levels can be an indicator of some significant health issues, this is a crucial statistic that has to be monitored.

2. Blood Pressure Cuff: This device measures blood pressure, another vital metric to track general health and specific diseases like hypertension, and is worn around the upper arm.

3. ECG Leads: These leads are attached to the patient's chest and allow the electrocardiogram to be monitored (ECG). Monitoring your heart rate and rhythm, which can help diagnose various heart issues, is made easier with this device.

4. SpO2 Probe: This probe monitors the patient's level of blood oxygenation. It can be attached to the patient's finger or earlobe and measures blood oxygenation. It is crucial for the patient's health and diagnosing any respiratory diseases they may have.

5. Temperature Probe: This probe can be positioned under the patient's armpit or on the patient's forehead to assess the patient's body temperature accurately. It is essential for determining the patient's overall health and the nature of the sickness causing the fever.


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