Unimed Phototherapy Mask

Part Number: UBE-S01-10


Phototherapy masks from Unimed Medical Supplies have been designed to aid newborn babies suffering from jaundice.
This product could provide superior light-blocking protection on a baby's eyes when it is under phototherapy treatment or anytime a baby's eyes need protection.
It is made from a latex-free soft material, which ensures a perfect fit.
Available in 3 sizes in order to adapt to baby's head of different circumference from 20cm to 38cm, ensuring a perfect fit for every neonatal patient.

• Phototherapy Masks are made from a very soft velvet-fabrics foam which is comfortable and gentle on baby's skin.
• The single-piece, the wrap-around design could firmly attach the head of babies to prevent unwanted movement and allows a perfect fit.
• Superior block light with a wavelength less than 800nm and other harmful waves to baby's eyes while headband design allows phototherapy light to reach the
baby's head.
• Under biocompatibility and physical test
• Single patient use only
• Latex-free

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