What is the Pressure Infusion Bag for?

What is pressure infusion bag?

Pressure infusion bag is a product that adapts air pressure to speed up the infusion speed and liquid volume during blood transfusion so that the needed liquids such as blood, plasma, and cardioplegia enter the body as soon as possible.

Why do we need to use pressure infusion bag?

In an emergency, when the patient loses too much fluid, such as in hemorrhagic shock, the ordinary infusion speed cannot meet the needs of patients, and rapid blood transfusion or rehydration is required. To speed up blood transfusion, doctors or nurses sometimes squeeze infusion bags with their hands to speed it up, but this is labor-intensive. Therefore, many hospitals are now working through the pressure infuser to speed up the infusion rate. It has the effect of speeding up the infusion for patients who urgently need to increase the amount of transfusion of liquid medicine or plasma and reduce the labor intensity of doctors and nurses. Therefore, it is widely used in emergency blood transfusion, fluid infusion, and invasive arterial pressure monitoring in various clinical departments such as emergency departments and operating rooms. Usually, disposable pressure infusion bags are recommended in such situations.

What consists of pressure infusion bag?

The pressure pump includes:

  • Hook - it hangs the infuser to infusion fixed shelf.
  • Air Bladder, Air tube, and Inflating Bulb - The three parts work together. When we squeeze the bulb, the air enters the bladder through an air tube, which adds air pressure to the liquid bag.
  • Pressure Gauge is to monitor the air pressure of the bladder.
  • 3-way stopcock is a switch for air inflation. It is easy for deflation.
unimed pressure infusion bag

How to use the infusion bag?

  1. Put the plasma bag or infusion bag into the interlayer of the infusion bag, string rope of the infusion bag into the hook of the infusion bag, and hang it on the infusion shelf.
  2. Turn the 3-way stopcock and pump bladder with the bulb for inflation until reaching the desired pressure. The pressure gauge will display the pressure state of the air bladder with which we can control the infusion speed. Generally speaking, the working pressure is within 40KPa (300mmHg).pressure infusion bag
  3. Turn the 3-way stopcock to avoid leakage once it reaches the desired pressure.                                                                                              turn off pressure infusion bag
  4. Loosen the air valve after the infusion and prepare it for next time.
      deflate pressure infusion bag

How to choose pressure infusion bag?

As a medical use product, no matter disposable or reusable pressure infusion bag, it has to have excellent airtightness and meet the condition that without air leak in 3 hours and the hook can support 1KG weight when hanging on the shelf.

The disposable infusion bag is only for one patient use, which reduces the infectious viruses and bacteria among patients. Besides, there is no maintenance needed, which also reduces the risk of medical staff gets inflected. It is suitable for critical patients.

Also, we can use the reusable pressure infusion bag after disinfecting. As it does not connect to patient skin, there is no sterilize by high temperature and high pressure needed. And we have to keep it away from sharp objects to protect the bladder from damage.

Unimed Medical Supplies, the patient monitoring accessories manufacturer, offers both disposable and reusable pressure infusion bags to our customers. Our Infusion bag is:

  • high-quality and stable air tightness
  • 3-way Stopcock design is easy to use for air inflation and deflation.
  • Color-coded gauge is easy to read for pressure monitoring and is precise, stable, and shockproof.
  • The reusable one is easy to clean with a built-in bladder and easy for part replacement.

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