The Use of Medical Disposable Tempe Probe

With the development of technology in medicine, the temperature sensor is widely used in the medical field. For patients in the operating room, ICU, or other departments where requires more stable and accurate temperature monitoring, the temperature probe (also called medical temperature sensor) can work with monitors to achieve the goal of temperature monitoring. They provide continuous temperature monitoring in a more precise, safe, and comfortable way and have an increasingly important role in the prognosis during anesthesia and the perioperative period.

What is a temperature sensor?

The temperature sensor is a sensitive component, usually composed of one or more high-precision fast-response thermistors (Usually NTC chips), which are directly related to the accuracy and response speed of the output temperature. The NTC chip refers to a negative temperature coefficient chip, whose resistance value decreases with the temperature increasing. It is made of metal oxides such as manganese, cobalt, nickel, and copper with ceramic technology.

Why do we use disposable temp probes in clinical?

The disposable temperature probe is for single patient use and avoids sharing the sensor with others to prevent cross-infection and reduce disease transmission. The simple structure probe has a stable output signal with strong anti-interference ability. Also, it has a solid anti-vibration module with moisture-proof, reverse connection protection, and current limiting protection for reliable temperature monitoring.

The long-term use of reusable temperature probes will reduce the accuracy of the probe and increase the risk of cross-infection. Thus, at present, most ICU and other departments in many hospitals use single patient use temperature probes as an important patient temperature management tool to monitor patients' temperature in real-time.

How does a disposable temperature probe consist?

The disposable temperature probe is made of a high-precision and high-sensitivity NTC thermistor chip encapsulated by thermally conductive epoxy resin. The temperature measurement range is 0 to 100°C, and its accuracy range from 25 to 45°C is ±0.01°C. The disposable medical temperature probe can read the temperature within 4 seconds. It is faster and more accurate than the traditional mercury thermometer. The design of the body temperature probe ensures good insulation, connection, and safe use. Its insulation protection prevents the risk of electric shock to the patient. The safe and reliable connector design prevents liquid from flowing into the connection to ensure correct readings.

Medical disposable temperature probes can be divided into the following types to meet the different requirements of temperature measurement:

General Purpose for Cavity  Skin Temp. Probe Esophageal Temp. Probe Tympanic Temp. Probe  Foley Catheter Temp. Probe
general temperature probe Skin temperature probe Esophageal temperature probe Tympanic Temp. Probe Tympanic Temp. Probe


The Advantages of Disposable Temp Probe

Compared with mercury thermometers and infrared thermometers, Medical temperature probes have the following advantages:

  • Small in size, high sensitivity, and high precision;
  • Shorter response time, real-time monitoring, no repeated measurement needed improving the working efficiency;
  • Good heat cycle ability;
  • The more accurate temperature measurement. The accuracy of the Unimed Medical disposable temp probe is ±0.01℃;
  • Single patient use, no repeated disinfection needed;
  • The body cavity temperature probe can monitor the patient's core body temperature, which is more accurate than the skin temperature in clinical.

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