Unimed Pulse Oximeter Sensor: Some Features You Should Know

As a leading medical supply manufacturer, Unimed Medical has made a ton of innovations and improvements that have helped the patients of doctors' offices and hospitals throughout the world. One of these innovations is their pulse oximeter sensor which collects data about your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and more! Here are ten features you should know about this innovative piece of technology.

Features You Should Know

The Unimed pulse oximeter sensor is a new type of sensor that measures oxygen levels in the blood. It is a small, lightweight device worn on the finger or ear. The sensor provides real-time readings of oxygen levels and sends the information wirelessly to an accompanying app.

The Unimed pulse oximeter sensor has several features that make it different from other oximeters. First, it uses near-infrared light to measure oxygen levels. This technology allows the sensor to detect low levels of oxygen more accurately than traditional oximeters. Second, the sensor is small and lightweight enough to be worn on the finger or ear, making it easy to use and convenient for patients who need continuous monitoring of their oxygen levels.

The Unimed pulse oximeter sensor also has some other features that make it unique. For example, it has an alarm function that will notify users when their oxygen level falls below a certain threshold. Additionally, the sensor can store up to 10 readings per day so patients can track their progress over time.

How does a pulse oximeter sensor work?

1. A pulse oximeter sensor measures oxygen levels in the blood by detecting the amount of light reflected in the blood cells.

2. The sensor captures a reading every second and store the data for later analysis.

3. The oximeter can be used to measure oxygen levels during sleep, exercise, or any change in oxygen levels.

4. The oximeter ranges from 0-100% saturation to measure very low or very high oxygen levels.


If you are in the market for an affordable pulse oximeter sensor, you should consider Unimed Medical. This company offers sensors at a fraction of the cost of other brands, and they come with features that many others lack.

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