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When it comes to reliable and accurate ECG cables, UNIMED is the brand that stands out in the market. As a leading manufacturer and provider of medical equipment, Unimed offers a wide range of top-notch ECG cables, including one-piece disposable ECG cables and telemetry ECG cables. Let's delve into the exceptional features and benefits of Unimed's ECG cables, ensuring you have the best tools for precise diagnostics.


Unimed's One-Piece Disposable ECG Cables - AHA M1977A

Unimed's AHA M1977A one-piece disposable ECG cable is designed to deliver uncompromising performance and utmost convenience. With a total cable length of 11 feet and a trunk cable length of 3 feet, it offers ample room for maneuverability during medical procedures. The cable's latex-free material ensures the safety and comfort of patients, making it suitable for a wide range of individuals.


Unimed's Telemetry ECG Cables - Fountain Denshi Compatible

The Fountain Denshi Compatible Telemetry ECG Cable by Unimed is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Available in both 5-lead gripper and 3-lead gripper options, these ECG cables offer versatility for various diagnostic applications.

Unimed's telemetry ECG cables are crafted with precision, using a high-quality TPU jacket for the lead cables. This material provides exceptional flexibility, ensuring easy handling and preventing tangling during usage. Additionally, Unimed offers a 6-month warranty for added peace of mind, showcasing their confidence in the product's reliability and longevity.


Uncompromised Quality and Durability

Unimed takes pride in using high-quality materials to ensure the longevity of their ECG cables. The PVC jacket for the trunk cable and the TPU jacket for lead cables provide exceptional durability and protection against wear and tear, ensuring the cables can withstand the rigors of everyday medical use.The robust construction of Unimed's ECG cables not only guarantees longevity but also minimizes signal interference, enabling clear and consistent readings. These ECG cables are rigorously tested to meet stringent quality standards, ensuring they deliver accurate results in various medical settings.



In conclusion, Unimed is a reliable and trustworthy brand for all your ECG cable needs. Our one-piece disposable ECG cables and telemetry ECG cables, such as the AHA M1977A and Fountain Denshi Compatible options, exemplify the brand's dedication to innovation and quality.With a wide range of features, including latex-free materials, different lead lengths, and warranty coverage, Unimed's ECG cables are the ideal choice for healthcare professionals seeking accurate diagnostics and superior patient care. Invest in Unimed's ECG cables today and experience the difference in medical equipment excellence.


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