Unimed Provides Cutting-Edge New Approaches To Monitoring A Patient's Oxygenation

Unimed, a major producer of patient monitoring accessories (blood pressure, SpO2 sensors, and ECG sensors), has unveiled a new line of wearable sensors to assess patients better and raise the standard of care.

How do SpO2 sensors work?

Assessing a patient's oxygenation has been crucial for detecting and treating numerous illnesses ever since the beginning of medicine. Today, a wide variety of SpO2 sensors are accessible that can assist medical practitioners in more precisely determining a patient's oxygenation.

The pulse oximeter is one kind of SpO2 sensor. Pulse oximeters track changes in red blood cells to calculate the quantity of oxygen in the blood. They typically comprise two sensors positioned on the finger's opposing sides. The top sensor measures the amount of light absorbed by the blood, while the bottom sensor evaluates the amount of light scattered by the blood.

A different kind of SpO2 sensor is an earlobe clip sensor, which is attached to the earlobe and measures the blood's oxygen content using infrared light.

Why should patients use a monitor?

Clinicians may decide to employ a patient monitor for a variety of reasons. For example, monitoring variations in a patient's oxygenation levels is the most obvious cause. This data may be crucial for evaluating the efficacy of therapies and determining if a patient's condition is improving or worsening.

A patient monitor can also spot early indications of respiratory distress. For example, clinicians can frequently spot when a patient is beginning to have breathing problems and take action to intervene before the situation becomes bad by constantly monitoring oxygenation levels.

Finally, professionals can interact with one another through patient monitors. Each care team member may stay informed about a patient's condition and make sure they are giving the best treatment possible by sharing data from the monitor with the other team members.


Years of research and development have gone into Unimed Medical monitors. We have many different oxygenation sensors available, so you may choose the one that best suits your requirements. You can find things here that are perfect for your medical facilities!

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