ECG Trunk Cable from Unimed Medical: What Is It, And Why Use One?

In this blog article, Unimed discusses the ECG trunk cable. This special type of ECG can be plugged into Unimed's device to measure heart activity and transmit it to the hospital. One of the reasons Unimed Medical uses this type of cable for its device is that it can transmit signals more quickly than other types of cables. In the future, there might be more and more healthcare providers using these types of cables in their devices, but they are still relatively rare.

What is an ECG trunk cable?

An ECG trunk cable is a type of medical tubing used to transfer electrical waves from one surface to another. The ECG trunk cable is typically used to transfer electrical waves from the surface of the heart to an electrocardiogram (ECG) recorder or another cardiac monitoring device. 

The ECG trunk cable is made up of several small, flexible wires that are insulated by a sheath of plastic or rubber. The sheath is fitted over a metal core, which forms the actual ECG cable. The wires are then connected to a pair of electrodes attached to either side of the heart. When an ECG signal is recorded, these electrodes send electrical impulses through the wire bundle and into the heart, which can be analyzed to produce diagnostic information about the condition of the heart muscle. 

Why Should You Use an ECG Trunk Cable?

The use of an ECG trunk cable allows for a more accurate diagnosis of cardiac problems than traditional methods, such as performing an electrocardiogram onsite. By recording information about the electrical activity generated by the heart muscle, an ECG trunk cable can provide valuable insights into issues such as arrhythmia and coronary artery disease.

There are several benefits to using an ECG trunk cable:

-It is portable, which makes it easier for doctors to use it in multiple locations.

-It is less invasive than other methods of measuring heart rhythms, such as CAT scans or echocardiograms.

-It can be used to diagnose more serious conditions, such as heart attacks or arrhythmias.


ECG trunk cables are a valuable tool for both professionals and laypeople. They can be used to diagnose heart health problems, monitor patients during surgery, or even diagnose stroke symptoms in time. If you're ever faced with one of these situations, feel free to contact Unimed Medical anytime!

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